XFINITY® Triple Play Features and Benefits

The escalated use of technology has resulted in providing better entertainment for the home. The XFINITY Triple Play brings you today’s most talked-about technology at competitive prices. Digital TV service comes with excellent picture quality and heightened sound. Internet plans come with download speeds all the way up to 105 Mbps. Home phone comes with unlimited text and talk. Comcast Triple Play deals bring you all three services that have become essential in today’s world of speed, comfort and access. Even better, your services are rolled into one convenient bundle with an easy-to-read bill.

XFINITY Bundle deals have ensured that the entertainment scene has undergone much improvement and is powered by an enhanced digital network that ensures excellent picture quality, along with theater-like sound effects. You now get more HD movies, hit TV shows, and music including HD On Demand. Enjoy watching your favorite sporting events with life-like qualities. You also get your regular dose of the latest news, weather updates and much more with your cable TV service; available solo or with your bundle. With DVR service, you can now pause and rewind live TV and record your favorites to watch at your leisure. Pay-per-view allows you to order today’s hottest movies and watch them from the comfort of home.

Get Fast Internet with the Triple Play

Internet, ordered alone or in the XFINITY Triple Play, comes in soaring download speeds of up to 105 Mbps. With the latest digital network technology at work, all your online tasks can become faster and easier. With Internet service being one of the most popular components of XFINITY bundles, you can order it with phone service or TV or with both. With 7 email accounts and ample storage space, you can stay in touch with friends and family all the time. You no longer have to worry about online virus attacks or malicious spyware harming your computer as a comprehensive security suite has been included to prevent this from occurring. Be sure to browse the pages of our site to learn more about current bundle deals. Call us toll-free to hear about special promotions available to you in your area.

The Triple Play from XFINITY includes home phone service. XFINITY® Voice is much more than standard residential phone service. Get crystal-clearing calling with great and new calling features. Unlimited texting is now included. Just download the XFINITY Connect app and you can text from your smartphone or iPad® or iPod touch®. This is an excellent way to cut back on costly wireless text plans. Include XFINITY Voice in your Comcast Bundle and use forward-thinking integrated calling features like Caller ID on TV. You will never miss a minute of the action on TV as you can now see who is calling right on your TV screen. See the same information displayed on your laptop! So many good things can happen when you re-imagine TV, Internet and home phone from Comcast. Get started by calling today.